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Through writing October I have succeeded in telling my own story. I would prefer it though if October becomes more of an exchange between people. In other words, I want to do more than merely sell my book. I want people to participate – to tell their own stories.

My novel deals with loss, making peace with that loss and facing life again. It is also about appreciating the people in our lives – those that are still there, those that are gone. On this page I want to invite readers to take the time and think about someone or something that you’ve lost, or someone that means a lot to you.

It can be in the form of a name, a date or even a story. You can leave your name or choose to stay anonymous. The choice is yours. When I have collected enough stories, I want to do something visual with it – I could exhibit it, put it up at one of the launches, etc.

So here is your chance to commemorate someone or something important in your life.


  1. Berwick
  2. Reney

    Andrew. Elaine. Maude. Elza.

  3. Elzanne


  4. Lizanne Genis

    Elizabeth Susanna (Elza) van Eeden.
    Ek mis haar veral wanneer ek saam met my kinders koek bak, want ek onthou al die kere wat ek met my klein oranje blokkies voorskoot langs haar gestaan en bak-en-brou het.
    En ek mis haar wanneer my dogtertjie langs my in die kar ry met haar klein voetjies wat teen my dashboard trap… want sy het haar nooit geken nie.
    En ek mis haar wanneer ek iets moet deel wat net sy sou verstaan het.

  5. Deanen

    Emma Carys Liam

  6. Elzanne

    My pa Hennie

  7. Lynn

    Liewe Maudie, love and roses, altyd! x Lynn

  8. Melanie

    ‘n Mensie wat ek graag sou wou leer ken – Aimee. Dankie dat jy daar was vir my Reney.

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